Differentiated Orthopedic Platform Technology


Minimal increase in COGS or change to manufacturing workflow to ensure commercial viability.


Potential for clinically meaningful increase in fixation strength, addressing unmet needs and reducing costly revision surgeries.


Simple expansion and removal that fits within existing surgical workflow and doesn’t increase surgery time.

F-REX Screws increase bone fixation strength

Proven through indication-specific testing*

F-REX survived more than 5x longer than gold standard DPS blade.

* Oldakowska, I.C. et al. (2018, March). A New Expandable Screw with Superior Performance in a Synthetic Femoral Fracture Bone Model [Poster presentation]. Orthopaedic Research Society 2018 Annual meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA

REX Screw demonstrated removability

  • Bilateral implantation in femoral condyle of 5 sheep (n=10) with 4 months in vivo.
  • No viable bone ingrowth into mechanism.
  • All samples successfully retracted and removed with no complications.
  • Average retraction torque 0.3Nm (0.1-0.5 Nm).